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130502_Hanrahan_1204_WEBHere you can find information about Singing and Music, Voice Lessons, Church Music, Cooking, and Investing.  Many of these areas are for members of my site, students, choir members, etc.  If you would like be to join my private voice studio or any of the music ministry groups that I lead, just click on the above categories and schedule a lesson (Voice Lessons) or fill out the interest form (Church Music).  Otherwise, sign in above or enjoy the free stuff!

New Art Song of the Pacific Rim

Last May I traveled to Australia to record a CD. It came out in January, and now I've gotten the first review. It's good!  You can read it here: http://musictrust.com.au/loudmouth/new-art-song-of-the-pacific-rim/.

Thanks to Diana Blom, Western Sydney University, Otago University, WAAPA, and the Hixson-Lied College at UNL for making the project possible.

The CD can be purchased here: https://www.australiancomposers.com.au/products/new-music-of-the-pacific-rim.

OR you can purchase the MP3 on Amazon.com.


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Fresh biscuits have become a Saturday and Sunday tradition in my house. Start your bacon in the oven, mix the biscuits, add to the oven with cooking bacon, and scamble some eggs. In 20 minutes you have a home cooked country breakfast that is sure to please.

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How To Make Money In Stocks


The key to making money in stocks is to buy low and sell high.  More to come.

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